Today, the localized product increases its sales with 70%.
Why world known companies have entrusted us with the localization?


  • Speaking the language does not mean owning it professionally. Our staff is not only native in the target language, but they are also experts of this language and fluent in the culture of the original source material and the target language;
  • Each language specialist undergoes intensive training before becoming Unison Agency employee;
  • Our team of in-house editors and QC ensures consistency in every language;
  • We know how to work with the emergency projects;
  • We maintain confidentiality;
  • Provide one contact for the client which ensures the continuity of the process;
  • We have past the QC test, and have been graded “excellent”;
  • We work with software Polyscript and Spot;
  • Every subtitling project is adapted to the client’s requests;
  • Our rate is competitive in the industry.


The quality of our translation begins with the selection of a well qualified language team with checked references and tested abilities in accordance with the procedures of our Quality Control System.

The process of translation is complex and you can be sure that your project will be handled by passionate professionals.

Our Project Managers will chose the team of expert for the specifics of your project and if needed  a working glossary will be distributed to all linguists.

Every material is checked for readjustment with the original text by Language reviewers, meanwhile technical consultants will ensure the consistency of terminology.

The coordination of our centralized teams makes possible the handling of big projects.

Unison Agency has over 6 years of experience in providing dubbing and voice-over services to major media companies all over the world.

Our dubbing service consists of:

  • Casting vocal talent for voice-overs whose voice type matches that of the actor on screen;
  • Precise lip-synching that completes the illusion;
  • Script adaptation, which reflects the nuance of the source material;
  • Cultural adaptation.

We have a database of voices across all territories for every type of material: animated movies, broadcast series, documentaries, infomercials, and online video content. In addition, we also offer services for video games, e-Learning software, corporate presentations, training videos, and product trailers.

Unison Agency also offers a base of casting, made up of hundreds of voice samples, where you can find the best actors and  doublers in theatre and in the media industry. We regularly recruit new talent to ensure our voice bank includes options for any voice demographic.

Unison Agency works with no geographical limitations.

Video Subtitling

Video Animation Dubbing