We offer all types of professional translation services to all sectors. Unison Agency is a services provider, dedicated to offer the highest standards of translation in the field of  language solution.

If you wish to always say what you think and mean what you say;

If the quality and accuracy of your language is part of your image and you do not wish to present yourself through a machine translation;

Our services of translation and interpretation will help you. Secrecy commitment is respected and signed by all the teams involved. Unison Agency offers solutions with competitive prices and within the deadlines set by you. Our range of services is never limited to any particular type of industry and thus our services extend extensively to:

– Legal Translation
– Game Translation
– Book Translation
– General Translation
– Same day Translation
– Trust Translation
– Expert Translation
– Quality Translation
– Authority Translation
– Script Translation
– Education Translation
– Manual Translation
– Content Translation
– History Translation

Supported Events:

– Multi-lingual conferences
– Diplomatic proceedings
– Internal presentations for global teams
– Conference and one to one/escort interpretation service
– Investigative interviews
– Small meetings, group discussions and training courses
– Court interpreting services
– Court hearings
– International product launches
– Local authority tenant discussions and confidential hearings

Besides offering translation services, we also offer interpretation, transcription and localization of websites which are becoming the most necessary services for all organizations and business sectors across the world:

  • Face to Face Interpretation
  • Legal Interpretation
  • Video Interpretation
  • Simultaneous and Consecutive Interpretation
  • Meeting Interpretation Services

We serve various sectors and organizations including:

  • Business corporations
  • Small and Medium-size enterprises
  • Associations
  • Marketing firms
  • Sales meetings
  • Trade shows
  • Manufacturing companies
  • Governmental and public institutions

We write, speak, read, and work in:

English, Albanian, Macedonian, Serbian, Greek, Bulgarian, Italian, Spanish, Portuguese, Russian, French