In the sector of entertainment industry, Unison Agency has already guaranteed its position, being the first and the only company that invests 100% in legal content, being a reliable partner to every new client.
Market sensibility and preference oriented knowledge, enables us to make an intelligent and interactive selection of television content based on audience requests.

In our library you will find a combination of local creative flair with international presence, oriented for different financial packages and in the HD format, localized in Albanian and ready for airing.

Each program that we acquire and deliver is certified by the local respective agencies.

We are focused in purchasing of:

• Documentaries (Nature & Wild Life / People & Culture / Travel & Adventure / Science & History)
• Animations (Serials / Films / Educational Programs)
• Featured films (Drama / Action / Comedy / Thriller)
• TV series (Drama / Action / Comedy / Thriller)

Our clients in the region are:  all CATV, Free Tv, IPTV and DTH platforms.


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